WordPress Tip #1 – Change Your Admin Username

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If your admin username is ‘admin’, change it. Even better, don’t have ‘admin’ as your admin name from the start.

Straightaway this will add a layer of security to your site. Bots and scripts will then have to discover your username before they begin to guess your password. Brute force attempts at accessing your site will have less chance of success. Using the steps below,  add a new WordPress admin user, and delete your old admin one…

Before you make any changes to your site, BACK UP! 

  1. Go to Users > Add New
  2. Create new user details. Use this tool to create a secure username.
  3. Select Administrator as role. Click Add New User to create.
  4. Logout.
  5. Login as your new user.
  6. Visit Users
  7. Delete your old admin account. Ensure you attribute any existing posts to a user with ‘author’ or ‘editor’ access.
  8. Your old admin user has now been deleted, and you should be left with a new administrator user, and old posts attributed to a another user with limited site access.
<!-- This is the first in a series of tips & tutorials to help you get the most from WordPress. I hope you find it useful! -->
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