WordPress Tip #2 – Don’t Publish Posts As Admin

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You username is public, it is part of your posts and pages. Making your admin data known helps bots find you, and can lead to increased brute force attempts on your site.

If you publish your admin username everywhere it makes it easier for your site to be hacked. It makes sense to have multiple WordPress accounts.

  • Administrator – Do your site maintenance at this level.
  • Editor – you can do most of what is needed at this level, including publishing posts and pages. An editor can create and maintain categories, tags, posts and pages.

If you’re creating a site for somebody else, they probably do not need more than Editor level to do most jobs. It is most secure to keep it this way. As a bonus, they won’t accidentally break all of your hard work too!

If you’ve already created posts at Admin level you can access your posts page and reassign the author.

Visit the WordPress Codex for a complete breakdown of user roles and capabilities.

It’s a dangerous world out there, STAY SAFE!

<!-- This is the second in a series of tips & tutorials to help you get the most from WordPress. I hope you find it useful! -->


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