WordPress Tip #3 – Cookie Banner

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If you own a website in the EU, or if your website is aimed at citizens in the EU, you need to compile with the law. If not you may risk enforcement action, and potentially fines.

So what is a cookie?

No it’s not some tasty morsel containing chocolate chips, these are small data files stored in a users browser that contain information about the users visit for use by the site. Since an EU directive in 2011 your users now have the right to deny use of these cookies to protect their privacy. Although most cookies are harmless and unobtrusive, some people use sneaky, bad, evil cookies that track you all over the internet.

What do you need to do?

  1. You need to ascertain what cookies are on your site. You need to know what data you collect.
  2. You should tell your visitors how you use these cookies (via your privacy statement).
  3. The customers consent should be obtained.

WordPress cookie consent plugins

Here’s a small selection of cookie consent plug-ins you may wish to use. Install one via your dashboard and check the settings, make sure it links to your Privacy page and you’re set:

UK Cookie Consent by Catapult Themes:

UK Cookie Consent

Cookiebot | GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent and Notice by Cybot A/S:

Cookiebot | GDPR Compliant Cookie Consent and Notice

GDPR Cookie Consent by WebToffee:

GDPR Cookie Consent




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